My WildStar island in the sky (aka How do I get my house?)

My Aurin esper and her cozy Aurin house

My Aurin esper and her cozy Aurin house

Welcome to my new blog about a little game called WildStar. If you haven’t heard about this game yet, I suggest that you check it out at It is outerspace meets the old West in a humorous and engaging new MMO that launches on June 3. With this blog, I’m going to create a series of guides to help you navigate through your early days on Nexus.

The one thing that convinced me to play WildStar was its amazing housing system. I heard so much about it that I had to try it out for myself, and it truly lived up to the hype. Of course, I’m enjoying many other aspects of the game too, but the housing is what sets it apart from other MMOs, in my opinion.

This guide is intended for those new to WildStar who want the answer to the burning question: How do I get my house?

As soon as you hit level 14, hustle your bustle to the nearest taxi station (usually found in the main quest hubs). Take the taxi to your faction’s capital city, Thayd for Exile or Illium for Dominion. Once you reach the capital, you should automatically get a quest on your holocommunicator to find the ProtoStar housing representative.

Here is the location of the housing rep in Thayd.

Here is the location of the housing rep in Thayd.

Once you’ve finished the quest objectives, you get to choose a starter pack of furniture for your new abode. Here are the main differences between the two furniture sets:

Quaint Adventurer
Rug Round Alligator with sword in head
Table Small wooden Metal
Tree Pine Olive
Sofa color Blue Red

Choose your furniture set and teleport to your floating island in the sky. I found it quite amazing that this entire area was all mine at such a low level in an MMO! Here is the view that you’ll see when you zone in.

Nothing that a little elbow grease can't fix!

Nothing that a little elbow grease can’t fix!

So it’s a bit of fixer upper, but you can completely transform it in just a few minutes for just a few gold. When you arrive at your housing plot, you’ll have a new action bar on your screen to use for editing.

Housing Menu

The first button on this menu is Landscape (Ctrl F1). This will let you place your house and many other awesome features (that I’ll discuss in more detail later this week). You’ll see a number of boxes, or plots, to choose from. The center plot is for your house. When you select that plot, you can choose one of three starter homes (four if you preordered WildStar and have access to the spaceship house). Choose your favorite house (more on the differences in starter houses later this week), pay your 1 gold, and watch it come to shape!

House building

In just a few seconds, you have created your new home in WildStar. If you right-click the housing box in your inventory, your new furniture will move to your crate. The crate can be accessed from the third button on the housing toolbar (Ctrl F3). From here, you can place your new furniture in your house, or even outside of your house if you prefer.

This is my human spellslinger with her brand new cozy Exile house.

This is my human spellslinger with her brand new cozy Exile house.

Other than being extremely fun to customize and design, housing also provides a bonus to your rested XP. You can gain five buffs from your housing plot that all contribute to the XP bonus: comfort, lighting, aroma, ambience, and pride. For this reason, it makes sense to get that housing plot ready as soon as you can. You’ll have a nice place to hang your hat and rest your weary bones after a day of questing on Nexus, with an added XP bonus for your next day of work.


2 thoughts on “My WildStar island in the sky (aka How do I get my house?)

  1. You can buy a lot of the XP boosting decor with renown which you earn for questing and adventuring in a group.

    Good luck with the blog. Looking forward to reading it. I am a newbie blogger too!

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