Regulators, mount up! (aka When do I get my mount?)

I couldn’t resist the cheesy 90s music tie-in for this post’s title! Anyway, this post is all about one of the most important items in an MMO . . . your mount. After a few levels of questing, I usually find myself wishing for a faster form of travel, a slick new ride that will carry me around on my adventuring. In WildStar, that wish will be rewarded at level 15. Assuming that you’re going to head to your capital city at level 14 to sign up for you new housing plot, you’ll want to be able to get back quickly to buy your mount at 15. Luckily, everyone earns a capital city teleport after completing a “tour the city” quest (it comes across your communicator automatically when you enter the city).

The starter mounts are all available from one vendor at your faction’s capital city and cost 10 gold, 67 silver, 52 copper. Ask a capital guard to mark your map for directions to the vendor. Exiles have a choice of trask, equivar, woolie, or grinder. Dominion can choose between warpig, uniblade, velocirex, or orbitron (which is a giant hamster wheel and so cool it makes me want to go Dominion . . . almost).

Shopkeeper Vic sells the Exile starter mounts.

Shopkeeper Vic sells the Exile starter mounts.

At level 25, you can purchase an awesome hoverboard mount. These cost 23g 21s 36c from the starter vendor. The renown vendor also sells hoverboards for 5000 and 30,000 renown points (this is a currency earned from different in-game activities). Hoverboards are pretty amazing! I was able to play around with one during a beta promotion. Hoverboards are the only mounts that allow you to travel across water without dismounting you. Also, double-jumping on a hoverboard is pretty incredible!

Yes, I'm wearing hotpants on my hoverboard. Leave me alone, I'm a badass!

Yes, I’m wearing hotpants on my hoverboard. Leave me alone, I’m a badass!

Pictures don't do justice for the hoverboard double-jump.

Screenshots just can’t capture the awesomeness of the hoverboard double-jump.

To increase your mounted speed, just press Shift to sprint. It works the same way that it does unmounted. When you reach level 40, you can increase your speed by 15 percent by purchasing the Advanced Riding Skill for 35 gold.

My guess is that there are many amazing mounts to discover on Nexus. And mount customization is a great way to let you give your mount a personal touch. I’m personally hoping to find one of these goodies in a boom-box at launch:

entertainer Luminous Equivar

I’ll leave you all with this little earworm today. Regulators, mount up!


* Disclaimer – This is information from open beta, so things might change when the game is live. Also, prices may vary through reputation discounts. *


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