House Hunters, WildStar Edition (aka Which house should I choose?)

The main feature of your WildStar housing plot is, quite simply, your house. You can choose not to place a house on your lot if you enjoy the unfinished construction zone look, but I’m guessing that most people will opt to do a little house hunting.

Check out the options

Just like in the ridiculously staged, real estate show, House Hunters, you have a choice between three starter homes. For Exiles, the choices are Cozy Aurin House, Cozy Exile Human House, or Cozy Granok House. Dominion have the options of Cozy Cassian House, Cozy Chua House, or Cozy Draken House. If you preordered WildStar, you will have a fourth choice – Shapeship. Each house costs 1 gold. It looks like you’ll have this starter home until you can upgrade to fancier digs at level 36.

Cozy Exile House Cozy Granok House Cozy Aurin House
These are the cozy Exile Human, Granok, and Aurin houses. For Dominion house images, check out the official WildStar wikia.

You might find that one of these houses immediately feels like the right choice for you, based on your character or personal art preferences. For me, I couldn’t see my purple-haired Aurin esper living anywhere other than the fairy-like Aurin cottage.

Compare square footage

Let’s step inside the Exile houses and compare their floor plans. The Aurin house has the largest initial layout because it has a separate little nook off the main room.

The Aurin house has a small separate room.

The Aurin house has a small separate room.

The layout of the Human and Granok houses is pretty similar in that both are round rooms. But the Human house has extra square footage that might not be obvious at first glance. It is very tall, with plenty of space to place a staircase and add a second floor.

Here's the view from the staircase of my Exile house with a second floor.

Here’s the view from the staircase of my Exile house with a second floor.

The Granok house has a lower ceiling, which probably rules out a second floor. I saw a nifty design in a Granok house that had a staircase and a small loft area though.

Also, after building the second floor of my Human house, I went back to my Aurin house to attempt it there. I found that it is possible, but it’s very challenging because of the wood details on the ceiling.

This is my attempt at a second floor in the Aurin house.

Standing on the second floor of my Aurin house.

Take a real estate tour

The best way to choose your favorite house is to go for a tour before you select one. WildStar’s housing system has a social component to it that allows you to visit other users’ housing plots (if they have selected to make their plot public). The option is in the Social menu, on the Neighbors tab.

Click this button to find a list of public housing plots to visit.

Click this button to find a list of public housing plots to visit.

Visit as many housing plots as you want to get a feel for each of the different houses before you buy yours. Everyone has a unique way of decorating and personalizing their house, so touring public houses is A LOT of fun!

I hope this helps take a little of the guesswork out of selecting your first WildStar house!


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