Home, sweet island! (aka What goes on the rest of my housing plot?)

Housing plotsWildStar housing is not just a place to play with color swatches and move around furniture. You can farm materials for your tradeskill, duel a friend, teleport to a raid, practice your dps, complete challenges to win prizes, use your own private crafting station, get special buffs, contemplate the meaning of life beside your zen pond, and so much more. These tasks can all be accomplished by building on the six plots of your island that surround your house plot. The items that fill these areas are called plugs.

Some of these plugs can be purchased with just a little gold, but most require a FABkit to activate. FABkits can be obtained from different activities throughout the world, from challenges to crafting.  Once you have the FABkit in your inventory, you can activate the plug from the landscape menu.

For example, one of the earliest FABkits I found during my Exile questing was ShardSpire Canyon. This kit is placed on one of the 1×2 plots, and it creates a fun jumping challenge. This challenge can be completed once every 30 minutes and rewards a house decor item or renown.

The options for 1×2 plots include challenges, scenic areas, dueling arena, training grounds, and more. The 1×1 plot choices offer crafting plots, expeditions, challenges, a raid portal, and more. The crafting plots are a really great way to collect materials for your tradeskills. I had a mineral deposit tier for my miner and a thicket for my survivalist. The plots gave tier 1 materials and had a nice regeneration time. These plots need to be upgraded with the next tier level though, once your tradeskill levels up.

Mineral Deposit Tier 1

Those iron nodes are ready to be mined!

Remember that you can also create free-form designs of your own anywhere on your housing island. So if you want to create something that you can’t find in the list of plots, leave a plot open to build this. The layout of your housing plot is really only limited by your creativity and your gold.

The flower garden plot is just for decoration.

The flower garden plot is just for decoration.

Have fun building your housing plot with the items that complement your gameplay and make your experience on Nexus the most enjoyable!


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