Come and knock on our door! (aka WildStar neighbors, roommates, and public houses)

Once you’ve built your house, added a few plugs, and put your personal stamp on your “galacto fabulous space crib,” it may be time to meet the neighbors. WildStar has built the housing system to be a very social aspect of the game. You can control just how social your home is though.

If you are more of a solitary player, you can leave your house private. You’ll be the only one who can enter your housing plot.

If you’re a social butterfly and want to be surrounded by other players, you can select to have a public house. This will allow anyone to come onto your housing plot any time from the public houses list. They can’t change any of your decor or farm your resources, but they can interact with the challenges and portals you have.

If you prefer to keep the guest list controlled, you can invite friends to be your neighbors. You will easily be able to visit each others’ houses from the Neighbor menu.

If you’re playing with a close friend or family member and want to share housing items and help each other with building, you can make the person your roommate. They will still have their own housing plot, but they’ll be able to change or add to yours also. I was happy to find that alts are automatically added as roommates on the neighbor list.

The settings to control other players’ access to your housing plot can be found on the remodel menu. There is a button in the upper-right of that screen that opens the Residence Settings menu.

Remodel menu

This button will get you to the Residence Settings.

As you can see below, residence settings let you make your house public, private, or open to just neighbors or roommates. You can also change your house’s name here (for 100 renown) and control how your resources can be shared with neighbors.

Visitor rules
Resource sharing

Since everyone has space for only six plugs on their island, coordinating with neighbors can be helpful. For example, if a guild plans it right, they could have different guild members who host each of the different challenge plugs and instances. When planning between your alts, you can decide who should have a crafting station, but it’s not necessary for more than one, since they are all roommates.

The number of social options in the housing system is pretty impressive and allows for many different styles of gameplay. I can’t wait to start browsing through public houses to see the fantastic designs that others create!

*Anyone out there catch the campy TV reference from my title? Or am I just THAT old? :-)*


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