Silver and gold, silver and gold (aka What is the capital city vendor buff?)

The economy of any MMO can be tricky to learn and extremely tough to master. This is especially true of a new game like WildStar that doesn’t have an abundance of resources to learn from yet. With new names for currency (plat anyone?), various points of sale (CX, AH, vendors, etc.), and so many  different types of currency (gold, renown, prestige, elder gems, crafting vouchers, CREDD), it’s easy to see where things might get confusing.

On my server, the prices on the commodities exchange (CX) haven’t quite normalized, and many people are selling items for less than the vendor sale price. For this reason, I sell a ton of stuff to the vendor. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get even more gold for your vendored items? You can!

If you are a settler, you can activate a settler buff in your capital city that will let everyone in the city sell items to vendors for 5% more and buy items from vendors for 5% less. It is called Thayd Vendor Discounts (Illium for Domnion) and applies the buff “Small Vendor Price Discount” to vendors. In Thayd, the settler resource depot can be find to the west of Fortune’s Ground.

Thayd Vendor Discounts

Small vendor price discount

You can easily tell if this vendor buff is active because the affected vendors have an explosion of gold coins over their heads.

Vendor buff

The vendor buff on my favorite vendor, Far-Trader Sawa.

So if you are a settler, try to activate this buff whenever you can. If you aren’t a settler, it’s okay, we can’t all be perfect. 😉 Just find a friend who has chosen this master path or ask in zone chat for a friendly settler to assist.

Happy vendor selling!


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