Blue pill or red pill? (aka Which WildStar path will you choose?)

WildStar headstart is almost here! You might know what your race and class are going to be, but what path will you choose? Paths are a way to customize your game experience to the type of playstyle you enjoy most. You make the path selection when creating your character, and it can’t be changed.

PathsThe four paths are explorer, scientist, settler, and soldier. Each will offer different path missions to complete as you quest. You can choose to ignore the path completely, but completing the missions to level your path will provide nice rewards. For example, each path has its own perks, which are new abilities unlocked at specific path levels.

The explorer enjoys “finding hidden paths, exploring secret caves, and climbing the tallest mountains.” The explorer’s missions involve finding out-of-the-way areas on the map, jumping to the highest peaks, and so on. I originally thought that I would love this path, since I love seeing every part of the world maps. I found it to be a little too twitch-based for my taste though. Perks for the explorer are Explorer’s Safe Fall (at path level 4), Air Brakes (at path level 5), and Translocate Beacon (at path level 10).

Explorer path perks

The scientist likes to study “exotic flora, dangerous fauna, and ancient technology” to find out more about the lore of Nexus. The scientist’s missions involve checking things out around the world with your Scanbot. If you are a lore junkie, this is the path for you. Path perks for the scientist are Holographic Distraction (at path level 4), Summon Group (at path level 5), and Create Portal – Capital City (at path level 10). Summon Group reminds of the “Have Group, Will Travel” guild perk from WoW that I missed so much during Mists.

Scientist path perks

The settler can be found “collecting resources to construct beneficial improvements for the community at large.” This path was the most obscure to me, when I started playing in the beta, but I soon found it to be the most fun for my playstyle. A settler’s missions involve picking up items around the world and then using them to create items like player buff stations, vendors, taxis, and more. The path perks for the settler are Settler’s Campfire (at path level 4), Summon: Mail Box (at path level 5), Summon: Vendbot (at path level 8), and Summon: Crafting Station (at path level 23).

Settler path perks

The soldier “tackles combat-heavy missions, gaining access to special weaponry and objectives as they fight across Nexus.” A soldier’s missions involve fighting waves of mobs, killing an elite mob, or testing out special weapons. The path perks for a soldier are Back into the Fray (at path level 4), Bail Out! (at path level 5), and Combat Supply Drop (at path level 10).

Soldier path perks

Each path also comes with its own set of rewards along the way, such as titles, bags, housing items, etc. The path system seems like a great idea to encourage unique playstyles and also create a unique experience if you level an alt. I’m a bit concerned about the path perks and their use at endgame, but I’m sure that Carbine will address any major discrepancies. Paths are definitely going to add a fun layer of enjoyment to the leveling process.

I would suggest that you choose a path that matches your playstyle, instead of focusing on the perks that it provides. In the wise words of Morpheus, “There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”


Grit, finesse, and moxie! Oh, my! (aka What do WildStar’s stats mean?)

Primary statsMMOs normally have the same type of stats (or attributes) on their gear. We all know the old standbys of strength, intellect, stamina, crit strike, etc. Even if they stray from the normal terms a bit, like endurance, willpower, or precision, it’s still pretty easy to tell what they mean. Get ready for the curveball that is WildStar attributes: brutality, finesse, moxie, tech, insight, and grit. If you are like me, you may be asking the question, “What do these stats mean?

When I received my first piece of new gear in WildStar and had to choose between finesse and moxie, that was a bit of a head-scratcher. This guide is intended to explain what the primary stats mean and which stats are important for each class. This is in no way a guide to min/maxing your performance or achieving the perfect end-game spec.

 The old Attribute names (Strength, Dexterity, Technology , Magic, Wisdom, Stamina) have been renamed for more WildStar-ian flair: Brutality, Finesse, Tech, Moxie, Insight, and Grit. –WildStar patch notes from Closed Beta Test 2 (May 15, 2013)

According to this patch note, the “WildStar-ian” attributes all line up with a traditional MMO stat. Grit is Stamina, Brutality is Strength, and so on. Unfortunately, WildStar attributes don’t seem to work the same way those traditional stats do. It seems that each stat provides a different benefit, depending on the class. This chart, created by Toskilate. does the best job of explaining the interactions.

Created by Toskilate from WildStar Echoes

So how do you know what gear to choose for your class? The WildStar website explains the primary and secondary stats on its class pages. I’ve compiled all of those pages into a short list to reference.

WildStar Primary and Secondary Stat Chart


DPS: Primary stat = Finesse         Secondary stats = Brutality and Moxie

Tank: Primary stat = Tech             Secondary stats = Grit and Insight


DPS: Primary stat = Brutality       Secondary stats = Finesse and Moxie

Tank: Primary stat = Tech             Secondary stats = Grit and Insight


DPS: Primary stat = Brutality       Secondary stats = Finesse and Moxie

Tank: Primary stat = Tech             Secondary stats = Grit and Insight


DPS: Primary stat = Moxie             Secondary stats = Finesse and Brutality

Healer: Primary stat = Insight       Secondary stats = Finesse and Brutality


DPS: Primary stat = Tech               Secondary stats = Moxie and Brutality

Healer: Primary stat = Insight       Secondary stats = Moxie and Brutality


DPS: Primary stat = Finesse           Secondary stats = Moxie and Brutality

Healer: Primary stat = Insight       Secondary stats = Moxie and Brutality

Hope this helps when you’re looking for the right stats for your WildStar toon!