WildStar plushie guide

 Reputation plushies:

Plushie Reputation vendor
Boulderback The Malgrave Outriders Boulderback plushie
Carrot OPERATION: Galeras Carrot plushie
Freebot The Malgrave Outriders Freebot plushie
Pink Lopp The Whitevale Frontier Pink Lopp plushie
Protostar Farside Sector Protostar plushie
Red Garr The Grimvault Alliance Red garr plushie

World drops:

Plushie Screenshot
Dagun Dagun plushie
Gorganoth Gorganoth
Grund Grund plushie
Olive Garr Olive garr plushie
Periwinkle Malverine Periwinkle malverine plushie
Purple Garr Purple garr plushie
Red Malverine Red malverine plushie
Shadow Mauler Shadow mauler plushie
Shellark Shellark plushie
Snoglug Snoglug plushie
Spikehoard Spikehoard plushie
Sunfish Sunfish plushie
Tawny Malverine Tawny malverine plushie
Yeti Yeti plushie

Challenge rewards:

Plushie Location – Challenge
Rowsdower Algoroc – Minefield Mayhem Rowsdower plushie
Vind Housing – Top of the World Vind plushie

Adventure drops:

Plushie Adventure
Rootbrute War of the Wilds Rootbrute plushie
Skeech War of the Wilds Skeech plushie
Stemdragon The Siege of Tempest Refuge Stemdragon plushie
Yellow Lopp The Malgrave Trail Yellow lopp plushie

Housing item vendor:

Plushie Cost
Mechari 10,000 renown Mechari plushie




* Thanks to Jabbithole.com for providing a great database for my plushie research! *


4 thoughts on “WildStar plushie guide

    • Hi Jenny, thanks for sending me your link. It looks like I’m only missing two that you have on your list. The Lopp Snowman and Shiny Golden Lopp aren’t included because they are technically considered decor, not plushies. I’ll have to go farming for that Gorganoth!

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